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We are living in a world that is filled with constantly changing climates, environmental and social. This year, I completed my first fellowship and began working as an Artist in Residence at Marketview Arts. I work with the public, and students, volunteering and making art while navigating the post-pandemic “apocalyptic” world. I am working in a world that is struggling with civility and beliefs in modern science.
“High Tides” is a narrative body of work based on my life experiences this year, and some imagined dreamscapes. These paintings, linoleum block prints, and collages, are based on pure emotion and abstractions, focusing on the positive in this overwhelmingly negative world. I paint landscapes, people, and animals, and how I view them. My goal is to evoke feelings. I use brilliant colors, found objects, dynamic lines, gold leaf, cut-painted paper, linoleum prints, mica, and acrylic paint. These elements work together to inspire the viewer to see the brilliance still evident in this wild world.
There are stories told between the colors and found objects, personal and complex responses, interactions with the people that occupy them, all impacts my work. In Spite of the heavy weight of the world I want to create works with a sense of brightness, revitalization and excitement. Learning to stay afloat and ride the continual waves, in response to rising waters and situations is important. Ultimately , it is about keeping our heads above water, even when the tides are higher than expected. Tides are relatively predictable, but like life, they are, however, only predictions. 



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