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Abstract Cityscapes


I paint large and small-scale abstract cityscapes. My paintings are made using a combination of processes. I start by identifying, and then photographing, cityscapes that draw my attention because of their historical value, the personal associations, and my emotional interactions with them. I then digitally manipulate the photographs and often print these onto canvas. I sometimes paint directly over the photographs, but for other works, I paint directly onto the primed canvas, using the photograph as a reference. The materials I use for these works are watercolor, pen and ink and acrylic. I am currently using color choices that fit my mood, which usually involve brilliant colors with a strong, positive vibration. The paintings are meant to interest the viewer in looking at the cityscapes in a new light. They are meant to provide visual significance of places and people who are frequently not represented. I want the viewer to see these places in a different light. I want to try to bring beauty to the community in which I live. I want to continue my work in small and large scale works, whether that is murals or paintings. 

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